Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barack Obama Speech

Please send us your thoughts regarding today's speech by Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

Great speech! One for the ages.

Anonymous said...

The speech is wonderful!!! Anybody who listens with an open mind and open heart knows that this is the man who should be our next president.

Anonymous said...

Senator Obama's speech was very eloquent and straight to the point. Racism has been overtly practiced but silently swept under the social/political rug. He spoke from both a black AND white perspective and I'm very pleased that he humbled himself and boldly put the issue in the laps of all Americans. Now the ball is in our court-we all need to take proactive steps to make a difference.
Thanks KJLH for your constant updates and information to keep us aware of issues that affect all of us.

Anonymous said...

Radio Free 102.3 KJLH you made it possible for us to hear and witness history that has become the talk of the village nation. Thank you!
The speech Obama delivers rests deeply on the tenents of The United States Constitution : Freedom of Speech & Freedom of religion. There's no substitute for the black church. Like the old people used to ask and say : Have you got good religion? As Obama reads from his first novel, Dreams for My Father one can't help but be mindful of that old time religion.
In regards to Reverand Jeremiah Wright, having been spiritually advised through Reverand Wright's teaching and preaching ministry in an annual "Holy Hook Up" revival in the 1990's, where he gave homework for the next time, like to read Climbing Jacobs Ladder: The Enduring Legacy of African American Families , I can't help but think of Reverand Wright, as one of the greatest theologians of our time, comparable to Reverand Billy Graham, whose start was tent revivals. I remember recieving the Holy Ghost on Central Avenue, under the anointing, of a white man, as a little girl.
If the white woman's struggle is to break the glass ceiling, and the most segregated hour is on Sunday as Obama pointed out and we've heard before, then the "good old boy's club had better change from boys to men, and pray for more perfect unions.

Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad KJLH is conscious of the importance of this powerfull speech and this very inlightening presidential race. Saints!! I know we've built a spiritual divide between politics and the spiritual realm, now is the time to close that divide GOD is concerned about all aspects of our lives....yes our politics too.

OBAMA 2008

carlosmurrieta said...

I am a 51 year old Latino male living in the south bay area. Yesterday an elderly Caucasian woman acquaintance informed me that she was willing to vote for Barrack Obama until she recently heard about the his preacher and the issues being raised. She explained that now she just wasn’t sure how she wanted to vote. I asked her what the problem was; she said she did not like the fact Obama would subject his children to such hatred in the church by a preacher. I informed her that Barrack has distanced himself from the preacher and made an explanation of the subject. I went on to say that the preacher is retiring too. She seemed to think that was not good enough Then she asked me for my opinion. I said, I have been born and raised in this racist country and have been subjected to institutionalized racism through the school systems teachings and lack of recognition of my culture and its achievements. I have been treated with corporal punishment for speaking Spanish in school. Ridiculed for eating burritos at lunch time when everyone else was eating sandwiches on white bread. Harassed by the LAPD on several occasions just for being brown skinned. Bottom line I know who I am dealing with in this country. It has never been fair for any minorities in this country. Caucasians are just looking for a reason not to vote for OBama because he is black (mixed). Are they afraid of change? We need a change now more than ever. Look around and see where we are today in the worlds opinion of us. This is due to because of the same old white rhetoric government. Caucasians do not want to be blamed for everything their forefathers did to the Indians and the blacks and Asians. But yet they are living and enjoying the fruits of their forefather’s deeds. Caucasians always say let’s be better than that today, I am not my fathers keeper. Don’t blame me for what happened a long, long time ago…But they just cannot shake it (their racism) in reality because they want to hold Obama accountable for what another man said. Let it go people. Look at Obama as a man of principle and change. How many of your Caucasian friends were brought up in a racist KKK home and teaching by their parents? I know it is hard for them to shake what has been in bred in them for centuries. There are some Caucasians who appear to really want a better world for everyone; they should not buy into the hype of haters. We need to move on with Obama! Sadly, I honestly believe if he is elected president that some Caucasian will assassinate him too. They always kill all the good people.

Carlos Murrieta

Anonymous said...

This is why I follow Obama. He was able to take a nonsensical issue and paint a bigger picture with it. He was very articulate and personable, and humbly urged all of us to take steps to stamp out racism in our communities. He has yet be tarnished by political language found in so many candidates. He is REAL and this is why he appeals to Americans from all backgrounds, religions and races.