Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Place in Politics, Obama speaks for Urban America

By Myisha Cayro

Obama speaks out for the youth, the young, the veterans and the mothers, for all of those struggle to live the American life. In last nights Democratic National Convention Senator Barack Obama echoed Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech delivered 45 years ago, change is necessary, and the fight to live the American life is not equal for all Americans. No longer should we live by the Republican Policies that have brought us to a place of war, deficit and inequality.

As Senator Barack Obama promises things like equal pay for an equal days worth of work, the best education for all youth, and health care for all Americans, not only does King’s fight for change continue, its leaning on the side of victory. As Senator Barack Obama promises things to Urban youth like money for a college education, we can be at peace to know that our youth are being presented opportunities that were once only promised to youth in the suburbs, King's dream is becoming more clear.

It is certain that we have left the days of inequality when we were forbidden the use of a white mans drinking fountain, but as Michelle Obama stated, we’re still “…driven by a … belief that the world as is just wont do…” It will not do, change is necessary, and Senator Obama offers a Change We can Believe In. As Senator Obama spoke on issues within our society he clearly empathized with those within our community who are hard working and have yet to see a pay off, offering a hope that was unimaginable but now clearly attainable. Kings dream is alive.

I dream to see the day that the young men in our community reject the life of crime, no longer turning to it as “their place” in society, or looking to it as a way up or a way out. The day when a college student doesn’t have to work 40 hours a week to pay for an education, Senator Obama promised in his speech that this was something I would have to worry less about. Our youth will receive money for their college education. This is the voice that we have been longing to hear, the voice that speaks to us and for us. We have found a special place in politics this election, “Obama 2008, Change you can believe in,” these are the words that we have heard, this is the hope that sounds a lot like freedom, so let it ring.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Dr. Kings speech delivered four and a half decades ago and last night another dynamic speech was delivered that will one day stain the pages of history books all across this country. Two men, one nation, one dream… the baton has been passed… Kings dream lives through Obama. This November go out and vote, be a part of change that will affect your community, your family and most importantly you! We are still you!


marguerite said...

Thanks Myisha, you are quite right - so write on!

Ujamaa said...

Asante, I appreciate your poetic and heartfelt response to many of the new and re-newed feelings being expressed within various homes/communities around the globe. I pray that our communities will participate in the election process, organize, and choose to educate ourselves and work together to secure these human rights. No ONE person can make progress. What is worth having is worth working for.
Peace and blessings, A.June

Sanctified said...

Great Blog! =D